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Dent Repairs and Services at Nucar Collision Center in Norwood, MA

Bumps, dents, and dings can detract from your vehicle’s aesthetics; they can also decrease its resale value. The experts at Nucar Collision Center in Norwood, MA, can perform dent repairs and more! Read below to find out about our services:

Types of Dent Repair Service

  • Paintless Dent Repair: Paintless dent repair is the most common dent repair we perform. If your vehicle has a minor dent that doesn’t have any accompanying scratches or loss of paint — and if the dent isn’t too close to the edge of the door or body panel — this is likely the type of repair we will perform. Our technicians will remove the panel and push the dent out from behind, restoring your vehicle’s good looks.
  • Traditional Dent Repair: If your vehicle’s dent includes a paint loss, we will have to perform a conventional dent repair service, which takes more time and costs more, including filling and repainting the affected area. Fortunately, we have a wide selection of factory finish paints and can match your vehicle’s paint job. Our auto body techs will ensure that your car, truck, van, or SUV gets back to its pre-dent look.

Why You Should Choose Nucar Collision Center in Norwood MA

Nucar Collision Center offers drivers in the Dedham, Westwood, Randolph, and Mansfield, MA region. We employ ACE Certified auto body technicians and are certified by Nissan, Honda, and Toyota, which means that you can trust our expert technicians to give your vehicle the level of quality that you deserve. In addition to a warranty on all our repairs, we also work hard to make our services affordable. Our prices are competitive, and all major insurance companies recommend us.

Schedule a Service Estimate at Nucar Collision Center Near Randolph and Mansfield, MA

We give you several ways to make an appointment at Nucar Collision Center. You can call us at (781) 255-6251 to set up an appointment, send us a message, or use our online photo estimate tool to get a quick and convenient estimate. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. We look forward to helping you deal with all your dent problems here at Nucar Collision Center in Norwood, Massachusetts.

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