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Auto Body Repairs and Services in Norwood, MA

When your vehicle needs auto body repairs, we invite you to visit Nucar Collision Center! We are proud to be your source for auto body repairs and other services near Dedham, Randolph, Mansfield, and Westwood, Massachusetts. Find out more about our auto body services here, and then schedule an estimate with us.

Popular Auto Body Repairs at Nucar Collision Center

  • Paintless Dent Repair: Many minor dents on your vehicle’s body can be repaired quickly and easily without needing to use paint. Our technicians will use special tools to work on the underside of your vehicle’s affected body panel, slowly molding it back into shape. If your vehicle has a dent that is not located on the edge of a door or body panel and does not have scratched or chipped paint, it’s a great candidate for paintless dent repair.
  • Traditional Dent Repair: Traditional dent repair may still be needed if your vehicle has a deep dent with scratched paint or if the dent is on the edge of a body panel. In cases like these, our technicians will have to use body filler, sand the area, and then apply paint.
  • Bumper Repair: Bumpers on modern vehicles are an integral part of the crumple zone; what’s more, they often house safety and driver assistance features. We can repair or replace damaged bumpers at Nucar Collision Center.
  • Fender Repair: If you’ve been in a fender bender, come to Nucar Collision Center, and our technicians can get your fender back into shape!

Why Choose Nucar Collision Center for Auto Body Repairs?

Whether your vehicle has sustained auto body damage through a collision or a storm, the experts at Nucar Collision Center are here to help. We employ ASE Certified technicians who have the training and experience needed to provide top-quality repairs. They have access to advanced specialized tools, and they will use quality replacement parts when needed. If you’re visiting for a minor service, like paintless dent repair, you can enjoy the high-definition TVs and other amenities in our comfortable waiting area. Or, ask about our alternate transportation methods if your vehicle needs longer repairs.

Get an Estimate at Nucar Collision Center Near Dedham and Mansfield, MA

When you want to get a good idea of how much your auto body repair will cost, we make it easy at Nucar Collision Center. You can scan a QR code or have us text you a link to a page where you can submit photos of the damage. Our technicians can take a look and give you a rough estimate of the repair price. Then, schedule service at Nucar Collision Center!

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