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Windshield Repair or Replacement in Norwood, MA

It should go without saying that your vehicle’s windshield is a crucial part of your visibility when you drive. However, windshields can easily sustain damage. Whether it’s from a falling tree branch or a stray rock kicked up by a truck in front of you on the highway, cracks and chips on the windshield are common. Often, minor chips and cracks can be repaired; however, they may also spread quickly, causing more damage. Whether your vehicle needs windshield repair or replacement for your Honda and Acura, Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, RAM, and more, we can handle it at Nucar Collision Center. We proudly serve Randolph, Westwood, and beyond.

Can My Windshield Be Repaired?

There are many circumstances in which we can repair your windshield rather than replace it entirely. We can generally repair your windshield if it has a chip or a crack that:

  • Is not too big
  • Is not located directly in your line of sight
  • Does not cover a camera or sensor
  • Is not located on the very edge of the windshield
  • Has not penetrated through both layers of the windshield

If your windshield has a chip or crack that does suffer from at least one of the problems listed above, it will usually have to be replaced rather than repaired.

What Is Involved in Windshield Repair and Replacement?

When our technicians repair your windshield, they will first clean, dry, and vacuum the affected area. They will then apply a quick-drying resin to the chip or crack. This resin will fill in the hole and bond to the rest of the glass. When the resin is dry, our technicians will remove any excess and ensure that the repaired area provides exceptional visibility.

If your windshield needs to be replaced, our technicians will remove the old windshield. They will replace it with a new high-quality windshield, using both skill and care to ensure that it is fitted precisely and remains in good condition. If your vehicle has advanced driver assistance safety systems, our technicians will then recalibrate the windshield camera to ensure that the ADAS systems work properly. Whether the recalibration needs to be static or dynamic, we can handle it at Nucar Collision Center.

Get an Estimate for Windshield Repair or Replacement at Nucar Collision Center Near Dedham and Mansfield, MA

When your windshield needs repair or replacement, we are happy to help at Nucar Collision Center. You can schedule service online and then visit our collision center in Norwood. If you prefer, you can also submit a photo for a virtual estimate. Either way, we look forward to helping you here!

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