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Automotive Paint Repair in Norwood, MA

Your vehicle’s paint job serves so many purposes. Of course, it makes your car, truck, van, or SUV look attractive — but it also protects the metal underneath from rust and corrosion. This means that scratches or chips on the paint can cause your vehicle to look worse, and they can also put your vehicle’s body at risk. Since scratches and chips can lead to more trouble, we recommend that you have them taken care of as soon as possible — and we can help at Nucar Collision Center! We use high-quality products to ensure that our technicians will restore your vehicle’s paint to its pre-collision condition. Find out more here, and then visit our body shop near Westwood and Randolph.

What Automotive Scratches Require Paint?

If your vehicle has superficial scratches, it will likely not require paint. These scratches are surface-level only, and they do not reach your vehicle’s base paint or its clear coat; as such, they can usually be buffed out without needing paint. However, deep scratches and chips will likely require paint. These scratches and chips go down to the base paint, primer coat, or underlying metal, exposing them to the elements. In addition, certain dents on your vehicle’s body may require paint, especially if they are located on the very edge of a door or body panel.

DIY vs. Professional Automotive Paint Repair

If your vehicle has a scratch that’s too deep to be buffed and waxed, you may consider going the DIY route and trying to fix it yourself. However, it’s easy to get in over your head at times like these. The materials you will need for the job will end up costing you quite a bit, and you will likely still have an end result that looks amateur. On the other hand, at Nucar Collision Center, we provide reasonable prices and professional work. We use factory finish paints and other refinishing products from Axalta, and our expert technicians know how to make your vehicle look amazing.

Get an Estimate for Paint Services at Nucar Collision Center Near Dedham and Mansfield, MA

Estimates on paint damage are generally pretty straightforward, so using our online photo estimate tool is easy. Scan the QR code or enter your phone number, and we will send you a text to our photo submission page. Someone will get some basic information and walk you through the process of taking photos; then, our technicians will look at the photos and give you an estimate. Once you have your estimate, head to Nucar Collision Center!

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