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Fender Repairs and Services in Norwood, MA

“Fender bender” may be a cute way to refer to a minor crash, but fender damage is much less cute when you have to deal with it. The fender is the part of your vehicle’s body that curves around the wheels, framing them and keeping them protected. As such, fender damage can range from being unsightly to actively interfering with how your vehicle drives. Don’t let fender damage get you down; instead, come to Nucar Collision Center for fender repairs and services near Randolph, Dedham, Mansfield and Westwood, Massachusetts.

Fender Repair at Nucar Collision Center

Minor fender damage is relatively common. Fortunately, we can also generally repair damaged fenders with ease at Nucar Collision Center. Our expert technicians will inspect the fender so that they can assess the damage. If the fender can be repaired, our technicians will use skill and care to work the fender back to its original shape. If any paint is needed, they will prime, sand, and paint the damaged areas using high-quality automotive paint.

Fender Replacement at Nucar Collision Center

If your vehicle has a fender that is excessively damaged, it may be cheaper and easier to simply replace it for your Nissan, Chevy, Toyota, Honda and Acura, RAM, and more. We can replace your fender at Nucar Collision Center, using a quality replacement fender to match the original.

Why Choose Nucar Collision Center for Auto Body Collision Service?

If your vehicle has been in an accident, we are here to help at Nucar Collision Center. We employ ACE Certified technicians who know vehicle collision repairs like the back of their hands. They will work hard and efficiently to ensure that you get your vehicle back in top condition. If the repair is only minor, you can hang out in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy the high-definition TV and other amenities we offer.

Schedule an Estimate at Nucar Collision Center Near Randolph and Mansfield, MA

When you’re ready to have your vehicle’s fenders repaired, we will be glad to help at Nucar Collision Center! You can schedule an appointment with us online; simply choose the date and time and give us a few details about your vehicle, your insurance company, and the reason for visiting. We will perform an estimate as part of this appointment. However, if you want a virtual estimate, we make it easy! Simply enter your mobile phone number into our online photo estimate tool or scan the QR code, and you will be directed to a page where you can submit a photo of the damage, allowing us to perform a rough estimate.

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