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Automotive Frame Straightening Service in Norwood, MA

We provide frame straightening services and carry I-CAR Gold Class certification, ensuring that customers receive top-quality service according to rigorous, industry-leading standards. I-CAR certified technicians complete frame straightening services with computerized equipment. Review the bent/damaged frame warning signs if you’ve been involved in an accident without vehicle immobilization. Fender benders might appear minor given the little body damage, yet the frame may be bent. We welcome all insurance providers; don’t hesitate to contact us if your bent frame involves a claim. Schedule your I-CAR Gold Class-quality frame straightening service today at Nucar Collision Center in Norwood, near Westwood, Randolph, Dedham, and Mansfield, MA. Continue reading about frame straightening service.

Bent/Damaged Frame Warning Signs

Driving with a bent frame is unsafe and will wear vital components down quickly. Schedule frame straightening service today if you notice: 

  • Visible Bending: Visible frame bending guarantees that you need a straightening service.  
  • Noises: Bent/damaged frames can allow components to touch that otherwise don’t, causing metal-on-metal sounds, such as grinding, clunking, or squealing. 
  • Rapid and Uneven Suspension Depreciation: Bent frames can cause fast and irregular suspension component wear as the shocks/struts handle improper loads. Get the frame inspected as soon as possible if your vehicle experiences premature suspension component depreciation.   
  • Irregular Tire Wear: A bent frame can also cause rapid and uneven tire wear. 

Frame Straightening Service Overview

Below are the steps we take to ensure that your vehicle’s frame is structurally sound and straightened:

  • We connect computerized frame straightening equipment to your vehicle’s frame at exact points.  
  • The equipment evaluates the frame by comparing measurements to factory specifications. 
  •  We bolt the frame securely into position. 
  • We attach chains to the frame in the areas requiring straightening
  • The frame straightener applies the perfect amount of force to restore the original contour. 
  • We perform a quality assurance check to verify factory specifications. 

Computerized Frame Straightening Equipment at Nucar Collision Center

We operate a state-of-the-art facility with computerized frame straightening equipment. Our high-tech frame straightening equipment ensures that your vehicle receives precision straightening service according to factory specifications.

Schedule Frame Straightening at Nucar Collision Center

Nucar Collision Center provides frame straightening services for all makes and models. Contact us online or by phone to schedule your frame straightening service. Get a free estimate online or schedule an in-person estimate to begin the process. Check out our limited-time specials for additional no-cost conveniences and opportunities to save on services.

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